Product Picks for our Cockapoo

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To save people time, and the hassle of trying to find the best products for their cockapoo, we’ve created this helpful list of the products that we personally own, or have owned. All of these products are ones we feel super happy to recommend. Please know that the links on this page may be affiliate links, which mean that we may get a small amount for products you click on and purchase.

Cockapoo Bathing Products

  1. Shampoo and conditioner from Groom Professional. Decent and inexpensive if you buy in bulk. 
  2. Organic shampoo bars – these are a brilliant for when we go and visit people. They don’t lather quite as well as “normal” shampoo, but that also means they last an absolute age!
  3. Detangle spray by Pro Pooch, a brand we trust and have used for years. 
  4. Doggie perfume – because, well, you know… 
  5. Microfiber towels – a great space saver, and super absorbent. We have these in our car, in the airing cupboard, by the front door… Always prepared! 

Ziggy's Coat and General Health

  1. An everyday detangling brush – these are brilliant for light, daily brushing.
  2. A slicker brush for more heavy duty, weekly brushing.
  3. The only dog clippers you actually need – these are a little pricey, but in our experience you get what you pay for when it comes to dog clippers.
  4. Rounded tipped scissors – a safety-must when trimming your cockapoo’s face.
  5. Pro Pooch ear cleaner – again, we love this brand.
  6. A finger toothbrush – the best way, we think, to clean your cockapoo’s teeth.
  7. Oral hygiene gel – otherwise known as toothpaste! This stuff is great because it works even if your cockapoo doesn’t like brushing.

Our Best Buy Ever

Ok, maybe we’re being a little over the top here, but this tornado toy has been absolutely brilliant and Ziggy never seems to get bored with it. This puzzle toy helped us so many times over the years to keep him occupied just when we needed it most!

Our Favourite Cockapoo Food

We’ve tried many, many different foods over the years, which you can read about in our review of the best food for cockapoos.

Over time, we’ve found ourselves switching as we learnt more and more about what ingredients to be wary of. Without a doubt, the best we’ve found in terms of cost and quality is the food made by Barking Heads

Ziggy never gets “bored” of this food, and he’s pretty fussy! Also, ordering from Barking Heads’ website is an absolute doddle.