Just how much is cockapoo pet insurance? (Costs broken down over each year)

Cost of cockapoo insurance

Written by Jo Littlewood

Every year, we go through the hassle of reviewing our cockapoo’s insurance policy. Every year we ask ourselves the same questions – how much is cockapoo insurance? And what is the average cost of cockapoo insurance by year? So we put together this table to help our own research, and thought it would be of help to other cockapoo owners. 

Finding the right insurance for your cockapoo is enormously time consuming, and one of the main reasons we found for this is that it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal. 

As a result, by finding out the average insurance costs for each year of a cockapoo’s life, you can then give yourself a helpful benchmark to work against.

Now, Cockapoo dogs are generally considered to be a healthy breed of dog, especially if you make sure to buy from a reputable breeder. They are not the most costly type of dog breed to insure, but as we’ve found the costs of pet insurance for your cockapoo does add up!   

How much to insure a cockapoo? 

Now there are a lot of different levels of pet insurance out there, but the most common level of cover owners tend to go for is time limited. 

Time limited insurance seems to be the most “standard” – not too cheap, not too expensive. This is where insurance companies will pay out a set amount over the course of a year. Once that limit is reached, they won’t pay any more until the next year has started.

Of course there are other insurance policies out there, and, generally, we always prefer to go for the more comprehensive policies for peace of mind. But, knowing the rough average of the “bog standard” cover costs helps us to know if we’re getting a good deal on our preferred insurance policies.  

To find the average cost of cockapoo insurance, we set the payout limit to £3000 with an excess of £200. 

Then, we looked at a price comparison website to average out the cost of three big name insurance companies. We then ran the comparison for both male and female dogs over each year. 

We also made sure that in the questions that asked about the owner, we put in that we paid the average price for a cockapoo to keep things as fair and even as possible. 

So, the results of our research are as follows. 


Cockapoo insurance costs broken down by year

The insurance price difference between male and female dogs

One of the main surprises for us is that there is a definite difference between the pet insurance costs for male and female dogs. On average, we found that you would pay an extra difference of £25 each year to own a male cockapoo vs a female cockapoo. Which works out as a difference of £400 over an average cockapoos lifespan! 

The main reason for this price difference in insurance costs appears to be that male dogs are generally regarded to be slightly more prone to health issues than female dogs. It seems that insurance companies look to evidence found by scientific studies which average out the health issues experienced by different breeds. This increased risk is then reflected in the price for each breed. 

How much will you have to pay over a cockapoos lifetime? 

When you factor in the average annual cost of cockapoo insurance, the amount of insurance you will have to pay over a cockapoos lifetime is a whopping £5,400! 

Of course this is slightly less if you have a female cockapoo, and slightly more if you have a male cockapoo – but it is certainly a huge cost! 

This amounts to around £360 a year on average, but of course you will pay more as your cockapoo gets older. 

Add this cost to other costs, such as food, toys, leads and accessories, and it’s no wonder that people say owning a dog is a commitment – not just in time, but in money too! 

Why do insurance costs rise as dogs get older? 


The main reason for pet insurance increases when dogs age is because they tend to get more health issues as they get older. 

Put simply, this means that you’re more likely to visit the vets when your dog reaches old age than you are when they are younger.

Insurance companies are basically hedging their bets here. They want to charge more for older dogs because they think you’ll be more likely to claim, which means less money for them to shell out! 

Interestingly, our research shows that the biggest increase in insurance costs come right after a cockapoos eighth birthday. Which, while it is grim to think about, does give owners an indication of when they should expect to start to see health issues emerge in their pooch!

Now, this really doesn’t mean that because insurance prices are low for the first few years that you can afford not to get your pooch insured! 

This is because, as a bare minimum, you need insurance to not just cover the health of your cockapoo, but also the damage your dog might cause! This may be because they bite another dog or (god forbid) a person, or that they cause a car accident. 

All things that aren’t nice to think about, but you can never be certain that they won’t happen, no matter how careful you are! 

What other factors influence the cost of cockapoo insurance? 

Judging by the questions asked on insurance websites, it seems that it’s not just age and gender that influence pet insurance costs. Other factors that may affect how much you pay include:

  • Where you live
  • How much you paid for your dog
  • If you have other pets in the household 
  • Your age 
  • Your living situation (i.e. whether you’re single or cohabiting etc.) 

Now, we’re not experts in insurance, so we can’t tell you how much these factors influence price. But, we do find it interesting that things like your age may also play a part in how much you pay for pet insurance.

Common sense would suggest that these factors help to indicate how likely you are to be devoted to your pooch and notice any problems. For example, if you’re of retirement age, you may have more time to take your dog to the vets at the first sign of a problem. Or, if you live in a wealthy area, you may be more likely to pay for regular vet check ups etc.

Insurance companies factor in all of these things to make their decisions. As a result, while we hope the average prices we’ve found out and given on this page are helpful, they should only be treated as rough guideline figures!

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