Cockapoo quiz – is a Cockapoo right for you?

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Written by Jo Littlewood

Wondering if a cockapoo is the right dog for you? Take this cockapoo quiz! 

Whether you already know, or want to check – our Cockapoo or Not quiz will help you find out!

Simply answer these dog breed selector questions, and the cockapoo quiz will spew out a result! Then check out our list of UK cockapoo breeders to find out where to get one.

Be warned – not everyone will get the results they seek! (although you can always retake it…)

Take the cockapoo quiz!

How was this cockapoo quiz made?

This cockapoo quiz was created with three topics in mind:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your reasons for wanting a cockapoo
  • Your expectations of owning a cockapoo

Whilst it is lighthearted, this quiz aims to test your natural thought patterns around these key areas. It looks at whether you’re prepared to exercise your cockapoo properly, and whether you want a cockapoo for the right reasons.

This is because having a cockapoo is a big commitment –  they are not the known for being the most calm dogs, and they can get restless if they are not properly trained and exercised.

Owning a cockapoo is brilliant, though! if you’ve completed the cockapoo quiz and it tells you that a cockapoo is right for you, you might want to learn more about this gorgeous breed in our list of answers to the 19 most common cockapoo questions. 

Alternatively, if you’re still making up your mind, we’ve got a really thorough cockapoo vs cavapoo article that might be of interest. In this article, we examine and compare 7 key areas, which might help to shed some light on these two awesome hybrid breeds.

How do I really know a cockapoo is for me?

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This is a really tough one to answer, but if you’ve taken this cockapoo quiz, and you’ve read all that you can on this website then you might start to have a good idea!

Ultimately though, the decision is yours. All I know is this: our cockapoo has brought us so much joy over the years we’ve had him that I cannot imagine not having one!

If you’re new to dog breeds, then I can really recommend The Complete Dog Breed book (on google books). It takes you through all of the different types of breeds out there to help you make up your mind.

Confused about what an F1 cockapoo is vs an F3 cockapoo? Check out our quick and easy infographic to what is an F1 cockapoo.

Who runs this website?

Hello, Jo and Paul here! We have owned a number of different breeds of dogs over the years, but none as amazing as our cockapoo Ziggy!

We created this site to share everything we have learned about this brilliant breed of dog!

You can learn more about us, and how we approach the topics we write about on our about us page.