Cockapoo Breeders by UK Nation/Region (Scotland, England, N Ireland, Wales)

cockapoo breeders by region

Finding a good cockapoo breeder near you is perhaps one of the first priorities for all future cockapoo owners. When we were searching for a breeder for our cockapoo, Ziggy, we found it incredibly hard to find a comprehensive list of reputable cockapoo breeders. As a result, we’ve put together a big list of UK cockapoo breeders, broken down by region and country. So, whether you’re looking for cockapoo breeders in Scotland or the North West, we’ve got you covered.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to only include cockapoo breeders that have up-to-date websites, and who appear to be reputable, we strongly encourage you to do your own research into your chosen breeder to ensure that you are happy with them and that they are legitimate. In other words: by listing the breeder here, we are not endorsing them. Please read our article about buying a cockapoo for a complete guide to how to check if a cockapoo breeder is reputable.

Cockapoo Breeders in Scotland

Glendream Doodles 

Glendream Doodles are specialist breeders of cockapoos and cavapoos, and are based in Fife, Scotland. Their website states that they are registered and licenced with Fife Council, and all pedigree dogs are Kennel Club registered. They are great cockapoo breeders in Scotland. Check out Glendream’s website here.

Boglebrig Cocker Spaniels And Cockapoos 

Boglebrig are based near Dumfries and Galloway. They are specialist breeders of cocker spaniels and cockapoos breeders based in Scotland. The breeder has been breeding since the late 1990s, and breeds cockapoos from a miniature stud poodle, who you can meet if you go for a puppy viewing. Check out Boglebrig’s website here. 

Scottish Cockapoos 

On their website, Scottish Cockapoos claim that they are probably one of the first cockapoo breeders in Scotland! They note that they are test for a whole host of health issues in all of the dogs they breed from. Scottish Cockapoos are based in Central Scotland, near Loch Lomond in Argyll. Check out Scottish Cockapoo’s website here. 

McIntosh Beagles And Cockapoos

McIntosh Beagles and Cockapoos are based in the north of Scotland and are a family-orientated dog breeder. From what we could find, they are based solely on Facebook, and don’t have a great deal of information on their pages; however, the post actively and appear to have many positive reviews. Check out McIntosh’s Facebook page here.  

Cockapoo Breeders in Wales

Felindre Cockapoos

Felindre Cockapoos are one of the larger cockapoo breeders out there. They are a family-run business who specialise solely in cockapoos. They are based on a small holding in the Aeron Valley, Wales, and even have a Defra Registered team who can transport your chosen puppy to your door (after you’ve met them of course!). Check out Felindre’s website here.

Meurig Kennels 

Meurig breed a number of different varieties of dog, including miniature schnauzers and cockapoos. They are based near Cardigan Bay, Wales, and their website says that they are fully licenced by their local council. Meurig offer an advice line for when you bring your puppy home to help answer any questions you may have. Check out Meurig’s website here. 

Cockapoo Breeders in Northern Ireland

We struggled to find many breeders of cockapoos in Northern Ireland; however, we did come across the following breeders via Facebook. Both of these cockapoo breeders appear to be active and their pages have up-to-date posts on them. 

Ciaran’s Cockapoos

Ciaran’s Cockapoos is a cockapoo breeder based in Newry, Northern Ireland. The breeder has mentioned that they are a “registered breeder” on their “About” page, and they have over 1,000 likes on Facebook. Check out Ciaran’s Facebook page here. 

Saintfield Labradoodles and Cockapoos

Saintfield Labradoodles and Cockapoos are based in Saintfield. These Northern Ireland-based cockapoo breeders have many, many positive reviews and followers on their Facebook page, so they must be doing something right. They do have a link to a website, but it looks like it has expired. Check out Saintfield’s Facebook page here. 

Cockapoo Breeders in the North East

As it stands, we can’t find ANY cockapoo breeders in the North East with a strong enough web presence. We have found one or two via Pets4Homes, but none that are sizeable, or established enough to make this list!

We’ll keep searching though, and maybe one day we can update this section.

Cockapoo Breeders in Yorkshire

Whiskeys Cockapoos 

Whiskeys Cockapoos are breeders based in West Yorkshire, England. They appear to have a really established breeding programme in place, and on the “About” page of their website, the breeder notes a number of qualifications and professional associations they are part of, which are impressive. They also note that they are the founders of the Cockapoo & Doodle Puppy Club on Facebook, where they provide new owners with advice and support. Great stuff! Check out Whiskeys Cockapoos’ website here. 

Northcroft Doodles

Northcroft Doodles are based near Driffield, East Yorkshire. They are breeders point out that they have been Vet Inspected and have been awarded a 5 Star rating as part of their licencing and inspection process. Impressive! What is also reassuring is that they mention that their stud dogs are appropriately health checked, and give upfront details about exactly what you can expect to receive from them when you get your little fur baby. Check out Northcroft’s website here. 

Cockapoo Breeders in the North West

Rosedale Doodles

Rosedale Doodles are cockapoo breeders based in Longton, Preston. Their “about us” page gives a really good overview about them starting out as hobby breeders and developing their breeding business from there. What is particularly encouraging is that they explicitly state that they welcome early visits to come and get to know them, which shows that they are confident in their practises and in the care they give their pups! Check out Rosedale’s website here.

Lorton Cockapoos

These cockapoo breeders are based in Tarleton, Lancashire, and appear to have some really well thought out policies on their website about how they do business. For example, they encourage visits, but in cases where for some reason you’re unable to visit, they will happily send you videos and photos of your chosen pup, but they won’t send photos of the mums and dads to prevent puppy farmers from using the images! Check out Lorton’s website here.

Anzil Doodles

Anzil Doodles are based in Liverpool. These breeders have a professional looking website, but don’t appear to have much in the way of an about us page. We performed a quick google search of them, though, and they appear to be highly recommended on some cockapoo forums. Check out Anzil’s website here.

Cheshire Doodles

Cheshire Doodles are based near Nantwich, Chesire. It is run by Joanne Clayton, who has written a really engaging and thorough “About Me” page. What is particularly impressive is her commitment to new dog owners, and her open offer to people who purchase from her to provide any advice that she can. Check out Cheshire Doodles’ website here.

Raffles Cockapoos

If you’ve ever previously searched for cockapoo breeders, then its a safe bet to say that you’ve come across Raffles Cockapoos. These are a really well established, large breeder, who have tons and tons of reviews written on forum posts and on their facebook page. They are based in the Cheshire countryside, and breed Cockapoos, Cavapoochons and Cavapoos. Check out Raffles’ website here.

Cockapoo Breeders in the West Midlands

Lawford Doodles

Lawford Doodles are based near Rugby in Warwickshire. They are Cockapoo Club GB approved breeders who state on their website that they raise their puppies in a home environment, so they are more than used to the sound of the washing machine! Check out Lawford’s website here.

Merlesque Cockapoos

These are cockapoo breeders based in Birmingham and on their Facebook page, they state that they have over 17 years of breeding experience. They only have a handful of reviews on their Facebook page, but they are all extremely positive. Check out Merlesque’s page here.

Cockapoo Breeders in the East Midlands

Jukee Doodles

These cockapoo breeders are based in Boston, Lincolnshire. They appear to be hobby breeders that have grown into a large and thriving breeding business based on customer recommendations. They are Cockapoo Club GB registered breeders, and have really thorough and comprehensive website. Check out Jukee’s website here.

Pankington Puppies

Pankinton Puppies are Cockapoo Club GB registered breeders who are based near Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Their website is fairly sparse; however, they are Cockapoo Club GB registered breeders and guarantee that their litters are Prcd, PRA, FN and +AMS clear. They only breed a few litters a year, so its a safe bet to say that demand will be quite high with this breeder. Check out Pankinton’s website here.

Pinetree Cockapoos

Pintetree Cockapoos (also known as Sylml Cockapoos) are breeders that have been breeding, showing and judging dogs for 40 odd years. On their website they are really thorough about the health testing they perform on their dogs. They are based near Lincoln, Lincolnshire, and have lots of lovely photos on their website. You can view Pinetree’s website here.

Cockapoo Breeders in the East of England

Lynton Cockapoos

Lynton Cockapoos are Cockapoo Club GB registered breeders based near Stowmarket, Suffolk. Their about us page really is a brilliant read, and it is clear that these are breeders who really care about, and for, all sorts of animals. Check out Lyton’s website here.

Roseorwell Pups

These breeders are based in Shotley, Ipswitch, and are Cockapoo Club GB registered breeders. What is refreshing to see is that these breeders are clearly both breeders and dog groomers – a great combination, especially as you will need to get your cockapoo regularly groomed! Check out Roseorwell’s website here.

Just Dogz

These breeders are based near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. They are both licenced breeders and registered with the Cockapoo Club GB. On their website, they state that they are a family run business and that their litters are raised alongside their children, which is a huge bonus as it means your pup will be well adjusted to family life. Check out Just Dogz website here.