Caring for Cockapoos

While cockapoos are absolutely brilliant, they are known for being pretty high maintenance dogs! Not only do they have fur that needs to be regularly brushed and groomed, but they also need to be clipped at least every three months, and special attention even needs to be paid to their ears! Add to this the fact that cockapoos can also have quite “high strung” personalities, it’s no wonder that caring for cockapoos is a subject that deserves lots of attention. As a result, this section is full of lots of articles all about how to care for cockapoos. It includes advice about cockapoo grooming, cleaning cockapoo ears and cockapoo separation anxiety. The main purpose of the articles in this category is to provide responsible cockapoo owners with all of the information they need to care properly for their cockapoos in one place. We share our experiences of having a cockapoo with other new or experienced owners - our aim is simple: to make all cockapoos happy and healthy. Some articles that you might find useful for caring for your cockapoo are listed below. Feel free to bookmark this page and return to it as it's continually updated with new and useful information.