Best cockapoo gifts uk – ideas for dogs AND owners (2021)

Written by Jo Littlewood

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If you’ve got somebody in your life who has just bought a cockapoo, or loves this awesome breed of dog, you’re probably after the best cockapoo gift ideas around. Of course, cockapoo presents don’t just have to be for the dogs – they can be for the owners as well!

Some of these gifts are ones that we’ve personally used or bought in the past for our cockapoo, Ziggy – others are ones that are most definitely top of our 2021 Christmas list!

Best Cockapoo Gifts for Dogs

To help you find the best cockapoo present ideas for cockapoo dogs, we have searched far and wide for the most unique and interesting gifts. Here are several gift ideas for cockapoo dogs:

3-in-1 Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy (Dog-it, £)


This mind-bending puzzle game is a sure fire hit of a gift for intelligent cockapoos. It combine a hide and seek game, a spin a whirl puzzle and a devilishly difficult sliding puzzle challenge.

We bought one of these for our cockapoo a while ago now, and even though he managed to solve the puzzles fairly quickly, he still gets a case of the puppy zooms when it comes out of the drawer.

We find it a great little toy to use if we’re leaving him alone for any amount of time as it keeps him distracted as we leave the house and helps to prevent him from having separation anxiety!

Nayla Cockapoo Soft Toy (Gund, ££)

This toy seems to be a right of passage for any cockapoo owner.

It is a great gift for humans, or little humans, who adore cockapoos – but we’ve put it in the present list for cockapoos because our dog absolutely adored this little pup!

Cockapoo puppy with Nayla Cockapoo Gift Soft Toy
Snuggling with Nayla!

The Nayla Cockapoo Soft Toy is a great comfort present for any cockapoo.

Dog Activity Memory Trainer (Trixie, ££)

This is an awesome looking toy that is definitely on our present wish list for our cockapoo.

It is a treat dispenser that is linked to a wireless button.

When the dog presses the button, the treats can be released.

The genius idea behind this puzzle toy is that the dog has to first work out that pressing the wireless button gets them the treat, but then you can increase the difficulty by playing hide and seek with the button. Or, you could even increase the distance and move the button to a different room. This toy also features in our round up of the best puzzle toys.

And, if you go to the product page on amazon, there are some brilliant video reviews!

Harris Tweed Bow Tie Dog Collar (Bowzos Dog Collars, £)

This is a truly bespoke gift for cockapoos. It’s a beautiful, handmade dog collar made from Harris Tweed fabric.

It’s made in Edinburgh, Scotland, and comes complete with a dapper bow-tie.

This gift is sure to delight any cockapoo owner!

Moon and Stars Personalised Dog Tag (HappyPaws, £)

This would make a truly awesome cockapoo present!

This company on amazon offers almost complete personalisation and are available in a variety of different sizes.

The dog tags have a number of different designs that you can choose from. You can even choose the metal type!

Then, you can have the front and back engraved with your pooch’s name.

We recommend these dog tags not only because they are stunning in , but also because they offer so much personalisation. And, if you buy this, then that’s one less thing to get when you first have a new cockapoo puppy!

The delivery turn-around is also really good!

Best Cockapoo Gifts for Owners

Of course, we couldn’t leave out cockapoo owners here. If you know someone with a cockapoo, or someone who longs for one, these cockapoo gifts are sure to win their hearts. Here are several cockapoo presents for owners:

Cockapoo Sculpture (Frith, £££)

If you’re after a truly unique and thoughtful cockapoo gift – look no further.

This adorable cockapoo sculpture is made from cast bronze and would make a great addition to any fire place or garden.

And, the best thing about it is that there are a number of designs on amazon to choose from, so you can find the one you like the best.

Cockapoos go around the world colouring book (Feel Happy Colouring, £)

This is a brilliant stocking-filler for any cockapoo owner.

Inside the book are 68 pages of detailed, intricate designs. 

They show cockapoos at famous landmarks and locations (such as Las Vegas!).

Paul bought me this as a bit of a silly present, and I’ve completed about twelve designs so far – they’ve come out brilliant!

Cockapoo Make Up Bag (Creative Bag Company, £)

This is a really unique cosmetics bag. 

It’s made from organic cotton canvas – which is great if you want to become a more eco friendly dog owner – and features a cool, but not too “out-there” cockapoo motif.

This would be a perfect gift for an owner who travels a lot.

Personalised Dog Photo Fame (For Keeps Design, £)

If you’ve got an adorable photo of your cockapoo, or want to mark the moment where someone became the owner of a new puppy, this personalised dog photo frame is the ideal cockapoo gift for owners!

It has a french oak effect finish and is free standing, so makes a great addition to a coffee table or book shelf.

The company uses lasers to engrave your chosen name into the wood on the frame – making it a wonderfully personal present for any cockapoo owner.

Wooden Cockapoo Christmas Tree Decoration (My Pretty Little Gifts, £)

This is a fabulous little present for cockapoo owners. Because its a very personal Christmas tree decoration, it’s sure to bring joy to people for years to come.

It comes with a little red ribbon, but what we really like is that the company says that it’s happy to change the ribbon colour on request. Now that’s customer service!


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