Cockapoo price – How much do cockapoos cost UK?

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Written by Jo Littlewood

Cockapoo price can vary dramatically in the UK. But what are the reasons for this variation in the cost of cockapoos? 

Well, this is because cockapoo price is determined by a number of factors. This includes: demand, breeder reputation and the reason for the cockapoo litter.

For this little article, we conducted in-depth research into the price of cockapoos and have ultimately produced an average price based on this research. 

How much do cockapoos cost? Quick answer: a cockapoo puppy costs £1,101.65  (UK Average). This is no small price when you factor in insurance costs and consider all of things you need to buy for your new puppy.

But, before you go and bounce onto another article or website, it is really important to understand that this is an average price! 

Broadly speaking, cockapoos are sold either by hobby breeders, or more established breeding companies. 

Because of this, cockapoo price does vary significantly, so we have broken the average prices down into two types: hobby breeders and business breeders.

Average cockapoo price charged by hobby breeders 

For this article, we looked at the awesome pets4homes website (linked below) to get a sense of what hobby breeders were charging for cockapoo puppies. 

At the time of our research, there were 688 cockapoo puppies for sale in the UK. 

We filtered out the ridiculously priced “fully trained” adult cockapoos, as well as the ones listed for no money. 

This gave us a cockapoo price range of £400 – £2,500. 

Then, for the hard (boring) part, we downloaded the data into a spreadsheet and performed a mean average check. 

The average uk cockapoo price for hobby breeders came out at: £1038. 

Average cockapoo price charged by business breeders

This was a little trickier to work out. 

We looked at multiple business breeders who have a strong web presence, including Raffles, Kellys Kennels and Glendream Cockerpoos (links below), all in all we looked at over 20 businesses – many of whom made out giant list of UK cockapoo breeders.

Some of these businesses charged different amounts for different coat colours, so we averaged this out as well. 

The average cockapoo price for business breeders came to: £1165

What does all of this tell us about cockapoo prices? 

Average cockapoo price in UK

Our research has led us to make the following conclusions: 

  1. Cockapoo puppies from hobby breeders cost a lot less
  2. Business breeders tend to charge a lot more 

But, most importantly, we’ve learnt that travelling to other areas of the country could save quite a lot of money. 

When doing our research, we came across loads of examples where cockapoo puppies cost a lot less in some areas of the country than others. 

As a general rule for hobby breeders, the closer to a city a breeder was the higher the prices would be. 

For business breeders, the location caused less of a price change, but we came across some who were charging £950 and some who were charging upwards of £1500. 

As a result, we would recommend going the literal extra mile when you’re looking at buying a cockapoo puppy. This is because while it may be a pain to travel to view the litters, it could easily save you hundreds of pounds. 

A note of caution 

Please do your research on your breeders! Cost is just one factor when choosing a cockapoo puppy. 

If you’re serious about owning a cockapoo puppy, you should check out our 5 things we wish we knew article – it might help you understand this breed a little more!

And, if you are tempted by a suspiciously low price, pause for a second. 

Yes, it may be cheap, but it could cost you in other ways – especially if the puppy hasn’t been cared for, or bred well, and develops illnesses. 

I know we chose to pay a little more for Ziggy to have the piece of mind that he came with all of the proper certificates and that the breeder was properly licensed and credible. 

And then, once we got him – we of course had to spoil him with plenty of gifts and presents!

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  • I’ve met a hobby breeder a couple of times and have been in constant contact for the past 3 months. Her dog has gone into season and has been to see her boyfriend a couple of times. At the beginning we agreed on a price and said it’ll probably be £50 more because of vet fees. She’s message me tonight and said the owner of the stud dog has told her to triple her prices. Sadly this is what she’s doing. My funds can’t go that far. My children are heartbroken. Her last litter was last year and now she wants 3 times the price. I feel distraught. I don’t know what to do.

    • That’s awful to hear – you must be so upset. I’m not sure there’s much I can say to make it any less heartbreaking, but I’m sure that you’ll be able to find a cockapoo to call your own one day. Jo xx

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