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What is Cockapoo Pride and how did it start?

Hi! Jo and Paul here. We created this website with one simple aim in mind: to make it a site devoted to making cockapoo owners’ lives easier. Simple.

We started this journey about 6 years ago when we got our gorgeous cockapoo, Ziggy. Despite both of us having grown up with dogs as an everyday part of life, we found that we had so many questions when it came to buying, owning and caring for a cockapoo.

This is mainly because we had never owned a “doodle” type of dog – both of us were used to larger breeds including collies and labradors.

As a result, we had loads of questions when we first set out to buy a cockapoo, like how to find a good breeder (we were horrified by how many bad breeders are out there), and how to care for a dog with a non-shedding coat.

Since owning him, we get questions everywhere we go about what it’s like to own a cockapoo.

We even have friends interested in getting a dog asking us the same questions we asked like whether cockapoos are really hypoallergenic, whether they’re hard work and how easy they are to train.

On, one particularly late night (and after a few drinks!), we got chatting about whether all of the research we’ve done about cockapoos over the years, and if all of our own “hands-on” experience, would be of use to other people.

We got it in our heads that a website would be a good way to “pay it forward” for all of the advice that we’ve received over the years – and Paul is good at that sort of thing – so we decided to do it!

So here we are, in a little corner of the internet, (hopefully) giving cockapoo owners all of the information they need to make their life that little bit easier!


Who is Ziggy? 

Well, glad you asked. Ziggy is a cockapoo, and he is the inspiration for this website. He truly is the most loving, clever and gentle dog we’ve ever owned, and we love him! 

Ziggy if an F1 cockapoo (read about F1 vs F2 etc. here), and genuinely makes us laugh every day. 

If you’ve read almost any of the articles on this website, then you will have seen plenty of pictures of him, but here’s another for good measure! 

cockapoo dog breed quiz

What do we think is important? 

We are in this to have fun, and have the wonderful excuse to spend even more time with our gorgeous cockapoo (as well as try out loads of toys and grooming products on him!) 

Above all, we value honesty, humour and integrity – we will never give advice about topics we know nothing about, and we will never link to an article, website or product we wouldn’t read or value ourselves. 

Are we experts in cockapoos?

Well yes, and no! Between us, we have over 50 years of dog owning experience, and have been through all of the happy (and heartbreaking) moments of dog ownership. We are also, we think, experienced cockapoo owners, and have had many highs, and occasional lows, with our amazing cockapoo Ziggy. 

As a result, we think we are pretty well placed to pass on knowledge to other cockapoo owners about how to care for their cockapoo. 

But, like all dog owners we are learning something new almost every day – whether that’s new techniques to get rid of knots in cockapoo fur, or new dog toys that keep Ziggy entertained.

Will we still pass this knowledge on? You betcha! But we will never claim to be complete experts in every subject of cockapoo ownership – we’re only human after all! 

We should also say that we are not vets, we are not professional groomers, and we are not professional dog psychologists. All of the advice we give on this website it meant to be helpful, but if you’re ever unsure of a particular issue go and speak to someone professional! 

Why does Jo write all of the articles? What does Paul do? 

Well, the answer is that Paul is pretty lazy… Joking! He does all of the website “stuff” and I (Jo) will do most of the writing. That said, Paul has the very boring job of proofreading my writing – so blame him if you see any typos! 

Does this website make money? 

We wish! But seriously: you may have seen things like affiliate disclaimers on this site because we do get a small fee for some products and services we link to on from this site.

We want to be clear: this doesn’t exactly mean that we’re rolling in cash here! Having these links on our site is a way for us to share genuinely useful products for people visiting the site, and, at the same time, cover the website’s hosting fees.

How can I get in contact with you?

Well, right now we’re working on developing a decent contact us page. In the meantime, the best way to get in contact would be to DM us via twitter: https://twitter.com/cockapoopride 

How can I support this site?

If you like this website, and have found it useful, you can support us by: 

  1. Sharing your favourite pages on Facebook, Twitter etc. 
  2. Telling your friends about us 
  3. Linking to this site if you have your own website

We really are in this game to spread the words about cockapoos and to help cockapoo owners – if you can help us do that, well, then you’re helping the site!

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