29 Adorable Cockapoo Names (Girls, Boys and Unisex!)

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Ziggy with his sister!

Written by Jo Littlewood

Naming your cockapoo dog is one of the first (and most fun!) tasks that new cockapoo puppy owners have to do. Choosing the right cockapoo name is so important – you want one that your new companion can recognise, as well as one that won’t cause you embarrassment at the vets! Below are 29 cockapoo names suggestions that we have for your canine companion that are unique, fun and adorable! 

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The cockapoo names below are split into names for boys, girls and even some gender neutral cockapoo names. All of them have been chosen according to our cockapoo dog naming guide so that your cockapoo puppy can recognise its name – even when it’s halfway across the beach! 

Girl Cockapoo Names


This name originates from Ireland and the irish name Mary. It means “Star of the sea” – a great name for a puppy that is going to spend its days chasing waves at the beach!


This name means eternal light and strength. A perfect name for a dog who’s going to play a central role in the family. 


Not only is Olive a standout name by itself, but it also has associations with the olive tree and the olive branch, which is a symbol of peace and success.  


A Russian name, this name means “dear one” – a great way of showing your love and appreciation for your canine companion everytime you say her name. 


This beautiful name stems from the hazelnut tree, which is associated with magic, mysticism and beauty. A perfect choice for a chestnut coloured cockapoo. 


Bella means beautiful – you can’t get simpler than that! 


This name is of Hebrew origin, and means “princess.”


Izzy has several meanings, but we love it because it’s so adorable and fun. A brilliant name for a lively dog who brings energy into every room. 


You might think that this is the perfect name for a dog who is, let’s say, a little bit of a minx. But on top of this, it also means “bringer of joy!” 


This means quiet and tranquil – perhaps a bit of a stretch for a cockapoo, but a great statement of intent nonetheless!   

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Boy Cockapoo Names


An anglo-scottish name that, ultimately, means hug! 


Harry Potter fans will love this, but Draco also has a more terrifying meaning: Dragon! 


Smaller than small, nano is the perfect name for your tiny new friend – particularly if there are bigger dogs in the household.  


A planet (or former planet!?), as well as a delightful Disney character, this name has pedigree.   


What can we say? A classic name, for a classic dog. 


A brilliant name for cockapoos with lighter coats and markings. Casper means treasurer, but we know it more as the name of the famous ghost with a loving heart. 


A name that seems like it could be invented for cockapoos. One to choose if you’re planning all sorts of fancy hairstyles for your new pooch. 


Refined, elegant and playful. Basil is a great, versatile name that would suit a prim-and-proper dog, or a dog with, let’s say, a Faulty Towers temperament.  


A perfect name for wrestling fans – strong, powerful and, always, the good guy! 

Gender Neutral Cockapoo Names


A lovely treat, and a lovely name for chocolate coloured cockapoos. 


This name conjures childhood memories, autumn feelings and is a little bit zany. A perfect match?  


A name that would have struck fear into the hearts of Victorian travellers, but one that is sure to endear everyone to your new, cheeky pup. 


Another great name to match a coat colour, and a tasty treat to boot!


Lucky is the perfect name for a dog brought into a family to spark joy and fun. A great name that will remind everyone how lucky they are to have a cockapoo friend. 


One for the wine-lovers and a perfect conversation starter with other dog walkers!


Wooly … cockapoos … enough said about that one. 


Fun and playful – a memorable and lighthearted name. 


This name is sure to have your dog running back to you when you call it. A sharp, easy to recognise name for dogs, and a reminder to take as many pictures as you can of your companion. 


Great for sandy coats, and a reminder of your favourite snack (or just mine?)  

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